2019 Program

indiepodfest was scheduled for the weekend of July 12 to 14, 2019. Here’s the provisional program of panels, workshops and live podcast recordings.

Program Session Information

Live Recordings

Friday 5pm: Early registration and mingling. Come meet your fellow podcasters in the festival  bar.

Friday 7pm: 2019 Australian Podcast Awards finalist Club Soderbergh and Hell is for Hyphenates will join forces to discuss Steven Soderbergh’s latest film High Flying Bird and chat what it’s like to critique a director’s entire back catalogue. Attendees are encouraged to watch High Flying Bird on Netflix and come ready to discuss!

Friday 8.30pm: More than a Whelan – a podcast about the craft of writing where poet, DJ and host Sean Whelan and special guest, comedian Aurelia St. Clair, crowdsource prompts and write and perform new work each episode. This time around, the prompts will come from you – the live audience!

Panels – Saturday

10am: Registration and networking

11am: Being Indie – What does it mean to be “independent” as a podcast? Hear all about the joys and challenges of being indie, why podcasters want to remain independent, and what the future of independent podcasting might look like. Featuring panellists Declan Fay (The Sweetest Plum), Lindsey Joy Green (People Movers) and Megan Spencer (Auspicious Plastic), moderated by Lee Zachariah (Hell is for Hyphenates). 

12pm: Ten Ways to Make Your Podcast Better Right Now – What it says on the box! Voice coach Anouska Taylor, expert sound engineer David Ashton (Splendid Chaps Productions) and gun community builder Vaya Pashos (Neighbuzz) to give you practical tips you can implement immediately. Moderated by Carla Donnelly (Across the Aisle, Club Soderbergh).

1pm: Lunch break.

2pm: Oral Histories and the Art of the Interview – This panel will reveal the techniques historians have been using for decades to capture the perfect interview audio, the challenges of remote interviewing, how to approach sensitive subjects and getting the best out of an interviewee. Featuring panellists Sarah Rood (The Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives), James Parkinson (By Association) and moderator Carly Goddard (Dead and Buried).

3pm: Sustainable Indie Podcasting – Is it possible for a independent podcast to be financially sustainable? How do you hold onto the joy through all the hard work? Successful podcasters Carly Goddard (Dead and Buried), Ben McKenzie (Splendid Chaps Productions) and Lee Davis-Thalbourne (Love and Luck) talk about the models they’ve used to make sure their shows pay for themselves, or even make a little profit, and how they continue to love doing it.

4pm: What You Don’t Know About Podcasting – Experienced and brand new podcasters talk about the things they wish they’d known when starting out, plus the things you may not have considered like release forms and interview ethics. Jessica Lukjanow from Sisteria will be joining us, with Playa from the Prince Peach and Black podcast and Tracy Sheen from Unusual Comms.

5pm – 10pm: The festival bar is open for networking, drinks and mingling. 

Panels – Sunday

10am: Registration and networking

11am: Can You Really Make a Podcast About Anything? – Podcasts can famously be about anything…but does that really mean anything? What do listeners think about podcasts about escalators, or live reviews of items from the Kentucky Fried Chicken menu? How do you even find such a hyper niche audience – or can such a specific topic have broad appeal? Featuring Lindsey Joy Green (People Movers) and Bec Petraitis (Kentucky Fried Chattin’), and moderated by Elizabeth Flux (Pratchat).

12pm: Diversity and Inclusion – Advice on how (and why) you should make your podcast and web presence accessible to as many people as possible. Featuring Carla Donnelly (Across the Aisle) and digital accessibility specialist Adem Cifcioglu (Intopia). 

1pm: Lunch break

2pm: Audio Fiction – Radio drama is long gone in Australia, but podcasts and other forms of digital distribution have helped the return of audio drama – and comedy! Panellists John Richards (Night Terrace) and Erin Kyan (Love and Luck) talk to moderator Taku Mbudzi (Two Words with Taku) about why they chose audio as a medium for their stories, what goes in to writing and creating audio drama, and how they chose to release it.

3pm: Pitch Your Podcast! – A fun opportunity for new and aspiring podcasters to pitch their show ideas, judged by a panel of experienced indie podcasters. Featuring a major prize of a RODECaster Pro pack of podcasting mics and stands, donated by RODE!

4pm: Self-care and Podcasting – We are closing the festival with a panel on how to care for yourself, and your team. Independent podcasting is hard work, often unpaid, and it’s good to be reminded there are ways to slow down and care for ourselves whilst pursuing our passion. Moderator Vaya Pashos (Neighbuzz) talks with James Parkinson (By Association), Playa (Peach and Black) and a final panellists to be announced.

5pm: Festival close – After party drinks to be announced!


Saturday 11am: Podcasting 101 – everything you need to know to get started with your first podcast! Delivered by professional podcast producer and teacher Tracy Sheen from Unusual Comms.

Saturday 2pm: How to Build Your Community – how to find, grow and connect with your audience, and turn them into a community.  (Presenter to be announced)

Sunday 11am: Crowdfundamentals – how to crowdsource funding for your podcast, either through a one-off campaign or a subscription model. Presented by Ben McKenzie (Pratchat, Night Terrace).

Sunday 2pm: Technical Audio – more advanced recording, editing and mixing techniques for podcasters looking to up their audio game. Presented by David Ashton (Splendid Chaps Productions).